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Knowing things and mastering them are two different things. And, joining DevTorq helps you realize how important it is to be a master of skills that strengthens your career path.

The Tech industry is full of passionate people. But, if you have the madness to work harder behind your passion, DevTorq is your destination. We re-educate you, brush-up your skills, add new skills, and delete a few ones to level-up your madness to take many steps closer to your growth.

Get skillfully-ready for a madness-filled career ride.

Technical Skills Training

Today, everyone aspires to get a job in a popular IT company. But, we set you apart from EVERYONE. Our professional trainers evaluate your technical skills and prepare a complete plan to train you for the skills you lack and the ones that are weak

Whether they’re basics like AWS, DevOps or the emerging technologies like AI/ML, we provide you hands-on practice on a few mini-projects. At DevTorq, you don’t just learn, you explore, experiment, experience, and excel in each technical skill before you apply for that dream job.

People Skills Training

DevTorq enhances your soft skills to add the right approach, attitude and emotional intelligence towards challenges, people around you, and self. We instill motivational, problem-solving, and team-building practices in you to ensure you win in every situation.

Irrespective of your job role, your communication can leave an impact on everyone from your recruiter to a potential boss. We make you the most polished communicator in your team. That’s what we aim at.

Management Skills Training

We add ‘Becoming a project manager or a team leader,’ as one of your milestones to achieve your career goals. And, with our management skills training, we empower you to tackle real-life hurdles smartly and build high-performing teams.

Our professional trainers deploy personalized skill development and refine them to make you future-ready. DevTorq specializes in maturing your management skills based on your knowledge and experience.

Organizational Skills Training

Stepping in an unknown culture can become a nightmare if you’re not prepared. And, that’s where our trainers get in. The team at DevTorq is well aware of the company policies, structure, and qualities they expect from their potential employees

We provide a detailed understanding of the job role and responsibilities you’re trying to apply for and join. Before facing the interview, you know how to crack it without hesitation or stress. Thanks to our team that works so hard for you.


Engage, Enhance and Grow

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