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Counseling & Mentorship - MenTorq

Did you ever think it’s ‘impossible’ to crack it? We’ll change that thinking forever. Our professional mentors,

  • Assess where you lack and where you’re strong.
  • Help you define your career vision and goals for 5 to 10 years.
  • Identify the best-fit job profiles you always dreamt of.
  • Guide you through your career step 1 to 10,000, and even more.
  • Ensure how you can fulfil all your dreams, goals, and plans.

Professional Training - TrainTorq

It’s time to remove those skill gaps between you and your desired job. Be it technical, communication, or management, our industry experts provide you with hands-on training for every skill. We make you job-ready by,

  • Re-educating you for the areas you missed out.
  • Training you for the skills companies gauge in employees.
  • Preparing you for the atmosphere, you’ll be in.
  • Guiding you with the company policies and structure to avoid nightmares.

Real-time Labs for Tech Colleges and Organizations - LabsTorq

Are you not getting real-time projects? You are not aware of industry expectations! Our Labs are the best way to learn about the industry you’re stepping in. We have set up real-time Labs on various tools, technologies.

  • Get a real-time insight of the company expectations.
  • How to make your hands dirty with real-time projects.
  • What kind of machine tests companies is taking?
  • What they look for in the candidates.
  • How you can crack them.
  • And, more such.

Where the right talent meets the right jobs - RecTorq

Where the right talent meets the right jobs, We transform the way organizations and talent get together to build innovation.

  • Find & Hire Your ‘Just Perfect’ Talent
  • How companies hire.
  • Premium pool
  • End-to-end recruitment
  • Quick closures

Don’t run in the wrong race, come, join the right place.


Unlearn, Learn, and Grow

  • Come, join DevTorq, a league to fulfill your dreams with the right career path.
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