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Maestro Program

Online training program for Level 1 Executives

Not motivated at your workplace? Always feel discouraged and stuck without a promotion?

Wouldn’t it be great if you
  • Have greater people management skill
  • Have advanced technical certifications
  • Are a crucial decision-maker and a great leader
  • Are a passionate speaker

If Yes, let’s get you ready for your onboard training. This program will help you to be a smart decision-maker, a creative thinker and extremely well manager having extremely polished verbal, non-verbal and technical skills.


What is the Maestro Program?

  • This program is designed for Level 1 executives who are already associated with a firm. The motive of the program is to ready a batch of young leaders who are smart problem solvers and great decision-makers for any organization.
  • Professional trainers and life coaches will focus on specific areas in order to help you successfully achieve a place in the top hierarchy of any company.
  • The curriculum comprises project-based learning activities, business simulation, innovative problem solving mock exercises, and workshops that take care of decision-making skills and cognitive skills.

Course Curriculum

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Pre Requisites

You just need to have willingness to work hard and a passion to get placed in your dream company

You can be the part of this journey with basic knowledge and we will make you an expert


Good decision-making skills

Highly motivated

Extremely smart leader

A successful career and encouraged individual

Greater chances to upscale in an organization hierarchy

Program Uniqueness


Why Maestro Program is the right choice for you?

Getting a job is not everything, how you perform throughout scales your success rate in any organization

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