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(Importance of Career Mentorship)

Mentor or mentorship is not a new term, it has been there since ages. In the Indian context, the most talked mentorship examples were around Arjun. In Mahabharata, Arjun had Dronacharya as a mentor while he was learning Dhanurvidya, Bhishma Pitamah as a mentor when he was learning life’s lessons and Lord Krishna as a mentor when he was in the battlefield. Guidance is most important. You may have a skill but it can't be put to use without mentorship.

The Indian education system has always stressed the need for 'high grades,' which for students is misleading. They think a good score is enough for a well-paying position to attract them when the truth is entirely different. A mismatch between the university curriculum and industry requirements is a significant reason for the shortage of talent.

Mentoring in simple terms is sharing knowledge, skills and life experience to guide another towards reaching their full potential. As per the LinkedIn survey, 70% of India's young professionals say they are keen on seeking advice on their next career move but do not know who to go to. “Change and evolution are at the heart of the Indian economy right now, and organizations, startup entrepreneurs, salaried professionals, freelancers are all taking risks for the first time. In such an enterprising climate, quick, quality advice can be life-changing," LinkedIn India country manager and head of product Akshay Kothari said.

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Unlock dream jobs with Mentorship

Only college students or young adults with just 2-3 years of job experience sometimes face a major question about what is to come? What credential do I need to continue in the competition and what more can I learn? How do I get started etc? Will I get to do that?

Yes, you can achieve, because there is a good coach beside you, all can be done and they lead you through the challenges. They know what is to come because they have already gone through it.

Some 10 responsibilities of a mentor are

  1. Realistic assessment approach based on your skills
  2. A clear understanding of your expectations and frame roadmap around it
  3. To be flexible regarding your learning capability
  4. To motivate when you are low
  5. To cater all your confusions
  6. Help you decide what is best for you and polish your skills
  7. Solve yourself doubting dilemma
  8. Help you to better communicate
  9. Help develop a rational approach to thinking
  10. Provide you honest feedback
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A mentor not only means your guiding force, we at Devtorq’s Employee Mentorship Program won't order you to do a specific set of exercise, but play multiple roles and help you accomplish your target by evaluating your strengths, focusing on your weakness and guide you towards the goal in a way to achieve the maximum results. This is where we can help by giving you the ability to learn with the expertise, to fetch the desirable job. We are your counsellor and cheerleader.


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