We Make Desire Meet Expectations

  • Maximize your true potential to grab a job in your dream company.
  • If you’ve got your passion and ambition for a company, get ready with all your energy and dedication. Rest, we’ll take care of what skills you need, how you will proceed, approach, and land in that right job.
  • Our industry experts know in and out of the companies hunting for the killer talent. We assess you, train you, and make you the one that’s just perfect for them.
  • Don’t waste your time giving interviews at the wrong places.
  • Invest it where it’s worth it.


Did you ever think it’s ‘impossible’ to crack it? We’ll change that thinking forever. Our professional mentors,

  • Assess where you lack and where you’re strong.
  • Help you define your career vision and goals for 5 to 10 years.
  • Identify the best-fit job profiles you always dreamt of.
  • Guide you through your career step 1 to 10,000, and even more.
  • Ensure how you can fulfil all your dreams, goals, and plans.


It’s time to remove those skill gaps between you and your desired job. Be it technical, communication, or management, our industry experts provide you with hands-on training for every skill. We make you job-ready by,

  • Re-educating you for the areas you missed out.
  • Training you for the skills companies gauge in employees.
  • Preparing you for the atmosphere, you’ll be in.
  • Guiding you with the company policies and structure to avoid nightmares.


Are you not getting real-time projects? You are not aware of industry expectations! Our Labs are the best way to learn about the industry you’re stepping in. We have set up real-time Labs on various tools, technologies.

  • Get a real-time insight of the company expectations.
  • How to make your hands dirty with real-time projects.
  • What kind of machine tests companies is taking?
  • What they look for in the candidates.
  • How you can crack them.
  • And, more such.


Where the right talent meets the right jobs, We transform the way organizations and talent get together to build innovation.

  • Find & Hire Your ‘Just Perfect’ Talent
  • How companies hire.
  • Premium pool
  • End-to-end recruitment
  • Quick closures

Don’t run in the wrong race, come, join the right place.



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Our Learning Partners

Rakhi Softa Sharma

JOHN MAXWELL Coach, Trainers, Teacher, and Facilitator.


Our industry experts know in and out of the companies hunting for the killer talent. We assess you, train you, and make you the one that’s just perfect for them.

Digital Marketing Data Science AR/VR Block Chain DevOps Cloud Computing Robotics RPA Python SRE DevSecOps ML-Ops Cyber Security Automation AI Data Analyst ML Growth Hacking Content Specialist Business Analysis Revenue Analysis Analytical Reasoning Affiliate Marketing


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Being a student, it was challenging to identify which careers and job profiles are the right ones for me.

The experts at DevTorq helped me with mapping my future goals, identified which skills I lack to achieve those goals, and trained me rigorously to ensure I am all ready for my dream job. Thanks, DT :).

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- Swati Sinha -


I was working as a network engineer after completing my masters in IT. But, I wasn’t happy because I wasn’t able to see my growth over there.

I consulted DevTorq, and they assessed my skill set. To my surprise, they revealed that I am strong at Python, but lack communication skills to face an interview for a Python profile in an MNC. The DevTorq team trained me, and now I am a Python developer in that MNC. You guys are doing a great job, keep up DevTorq.

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- Srinivas Reddy -


DevTorq conducted a workshop in our college on ‘How to get a job in Google or Facebook-like companies?’ during our 5th semester.

I wasn’t that good at coding, and I thought that’s the only way I can work at Google. DevTorq experts explained how many types of jobs are there at such MNCs and what types of skills you need to apply there. They assessed I lacked a few, and now I’m being trained by the DevTorq professionals to remove those skill gaps. Soon I’ll be applying at Google. Thanks, DevTorq.

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- Rakesh Pandey -


DevTorq is our go-to source to find the right talent. Once we share our requirements, they come to us with the candidates that are hard to find on other job portals.

Those candidates match almost 90-95% of our job requirements. In the past 6 months, we’ve hired 33 professionals for our various projects and departments from DevTorq. I highly recommend DevTorq if you want to save time and effort in interviewing and getting the right professionals for your company.

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- Vasudevan N -

Unlearn, Learn, and Grow

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